Husky Football Forecast!

With the college football season rapidly approaching, fans across the Nutmeg State are wondering “Hey, how the heck is UConn going to do this year?” Well, we’re here to give you an unbiased look at how UConn will fair in the 2009 season. (Just don’t hold me to any of these predictions…I’m pretty much the Miss Cleo of sports writers.)

Q: Will UConn win the Big East title and make a BCS bowl?
A: In short: no. Teams like Cincinnati, Pitt and South Florida are all expected to have very good teams this year and compete for a BCS bowl bid. West Virginia could very well be in the mix as well, if their new quarter back Jarrett Brown is half the player Pat White was. Brian Kelly seems to be waking up the sleeping giant that is Cincinnati. They’re not unwinnabl, but it will be tough.
Q: Who is going to replace the starting QB and RB this year?
A: It’s hard to believe that UConn had more NFL draft picks in 2009 than Michigan or Miami but it’s true. It’s a testament to Randy Edsall and his ability to get kids to spend their college years in a cold, windswept farm town. But it looks like Zach Frazer will be taking the snaps in UConn’s new no-huddle offense, which could catch teams by surprise… or be a total disaster. At the moment, Andre Dixon looks to be the guy who will be getting the bulk of the carries (provided he stays out of legal trouble this year.)

Q: How does their schedule look?
A: It’s definitely more difficult than it might seem. UConn should be favored against Ohio (a better team than people think), Rhode Island, and Syracuse. But you can make the case saying UConn is favored or the underdogs against Baylor, Pitt, Rutgers, Louisville, and South Florida (which is going to be played at home in December. South Florida no-likey cold weather.) North Carolina and Notre Dame certainly will be favored.

Q: So is there any reason to schlep over to The ‘Rent?
A: Sure! The tailgating and scores of frumpy looking coeds! (I’m kidding, the coeds are average.) But it would be a good chance to see UNC and their up and coming squad. If by chance UConn were to beat UNC, well then, we’ve got a big story in the college football world. South Florida, if they’re able to get their act together, would be another great team to watch as they have a few potential NFL first round picks.

Q: Any local boys on the team?
A: There are scores of them! Their roster lists 15 players with Connecticut ties to the team led by #32, linebacker Scott Lutrus. He might be UConn’s best player and he hails from Brookfield. Who says CT doesn’t produce many division I prospects!? We’ve got a crop-load!

Q: Final diagnosis: good or bad season for the Huskies?
A: If you were to shake a magic 8 ball, it would probably say “reply hazy, ask later.” Parity is the name of the game in the Big East this season. But trying to break in a new starting QB and new offensive scheme could prove to be a difficult task in this deceptively difficult league. If they were able to reach another bowl game, that could be considered a nice success. But I’m guessing 5-7 or 6-6 for a final record.

So get out there and support the closest thing this state has to a professional team! Your tax money went to build The ‘Rent, you might as well enjoy it.


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