I’ve Got a Bridge I Wanna Sell Ya!

South Windsor’s plan to become the Hollywood of the east coast hit a speed bump this week, when some genius finally realized the town doesn’t quite own the land. Apparently the plot to be used for this studio is directly over a “utility right of way” that is owned by the state, not the town. The Courant explains:

The land in question, which totals 1.95 acres, lies beneath electrical service lines that have been in place since the state constructed the multilane connector between I-91 in Windsor and I-84 in Manchester. When the highway project was finished, town officials didn’t know or didn’t care that the utility right of way remained under state ownership.

D’oh! So the basic lesson here is you can’t sell (or give away) land that you don’t own. I just want to go on record now and say ya’ll better get your act together, because this proposal is way more awesome than another Wal-Mart or Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Bring us stars, and fun movie-related jobs!