F* You Westport



You have got to be kidding me, Westport. You are giving the rest of Connecticut a bad name. While people struggle to keep their jobs and their homes you are spending the equivalent of an entire mortgage on a wall, then spending that much a second time in court fees to defend the wall, and may have to spend it yet again to tear down the wall! I have to say it: this makes me hate you a little.

Fences are supposed to make good neighbors. But that wasn’t the case with a stone wall in Westport, Conn., which pitted neighbor against neighbor and has cost its owner $150,000 in legal fees — so far…

After four years, the Hancocks have spent some $150,000 on legal expenses and $50,000 for modifications and inspections of the wall. These expenses have already exceeded the $170,000 cost of the wall. But with their case going to Stamford Superior Court on Thursday, Mr. Hancock’s lawyer said the couple could spend $150,000 more before the matter was resolved. If they lose, it would cost them at least $120,000 to tear down their wall, not counting any fines.

I just threw up a little.