Sex & the Suburbs: The Dating Game – Part II

The emails came pouring in for the Anti-Couric because–as she is always telling us–she’s quite a catch. That being said, there wasn’t even a question in the Asian’s mind as to who the winner would be. Even though the quantity of interested suitors was more than enough, the quality left a bit to be desired. As a consequence, a front runner emerged very early on and stayed there.

To know the Anti-Couric is to spar with her. So we chose someone who seemed capable of withstanding Hurricane Couric, but who did not seem like a jerk, and was reasonably attractive (because among her many bad qualities is the habit of being a bit superficial). Mostly, his profile made us laugh with him, and not at him like most of the other wannabe poets, Sicilians, and guys who like “to work hard, and party harder.” (Anyone who knows the Anti-Couric knows she doesn’t like to work hard, and only parties hard when the mood strikes her.)

While the Anti-Couric was busy using her disarming wit to secure a date with The Chosen One, we got to work on putting Ring Nation’s profile together. As expected we’ve run into a bit of trouble. You see, if the Anti-Couric’s experience was typical, the average gal on gets roughly a dozen emails a week…and therefore has no real reason to reach out to contact anyone else. So, several days in, and he’s only got one potential date. Blast!

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, the Anti-Couric met  The Chosen One for coffee and a walk through a ghetto-ass park. She reports that it is, in fact, possible to find someone who is not a complete creep on POF, and who one would actually consider going out with again. Most notably, she wasn’t murdered. The trick is to let an impartial Asian do the picking. Sadly, she did not report any monkey humping.

So stay tuned for Ring Nation’s adventures in dating, and we promise to get the Gay Guru looking for some lovin’ ASAP!


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