Manatee on the Move

One of my favorite animals is the manatee. They’re just so darned big and lovable. The sea cow ranks right up there with the Siamese cat, sea otter, and German Shepherd among my favorite critters.

In fact, I own two pair of manatee socks. One I bought in Florida, and then lost them for awhile. A friend who heard me whining about my loss bought me a pair for my birthday a few years back — and to this day those socks remain my favorite gift, ever — but I have since recovered the original socks. 

So you can imagine how psyched I was to hear there is a manatee hanging out in the Long Island Sound. I swear to you, I heard this on NPR today while I was driving home but now I can’t find anything to back it up. According to the story, though, manatees follow food and as long as they can tolerate the water temperature they’ll just keep swimming. That’s how the tropical manatee came to be in our cold waters.

I hope the funny little guy is alright, and makes it home safe (especially with all the Montauk Monsters on the loose these days), but I kinda hope I manage to catch a glimpse before he makes a swim for the Keys.



  1. He was spotted in Milford on Sunday. All the arts fair people left their gourds and landscape paintings on the town green to check out the guy.


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