Gay Guru: Furtobearfest

The Gay Guru loves all forest creatures, but it’s no secret that I love the Bears most of all. So I was excited to hear that this weekend October 2-4, brings about Furtobearfest 2009 and though it doesn’t support any particular cause, it does concentrate a large group of handsome, husky gay men in and around Connecticut.  Now that’s a cause your Gay Guru can get on board with!

From drinks to brunch, and with a trip to a (mediocre but still somewhat relevant) amusement park, the bears have covered all the bases this year. But let’s face it, they had me at “fest”!

The fun starts out Friday night in Middletown at Tommy’s Restaurant (825 Saybrook Road) with a Bear bar-night from 8 p.m. til’…whenever. If you do nothing else, come to the bar-night. Your Gay Guru will be there, and I’ll even let you buy me a drink!

Plans for Saturday morning include a trip to Lyman Orchards. Apples will be picked, and inevitably an unattended hetero or two will become separated from the pack, dragged off to a quiet corner of the orchard, and mauled. That evening the Bears are venturing over to The Haunted Graveyard at Lake Compounce and then on to the Chez Est. in Hartford.

In a recent study with results that I just made up, I learned that the one thing Bears love more than swatting at trouser trout in a mountain stream, it’s Sunday brunch! Conveniently enough, Furtoberfest’s weekend of fun wraps up on Sunday with brunch at Dakota’s in Rocky Hill. So venture over to brunch with the furry mountain creatures, it’s sure to be a good time.

For all of my non-gays, don’t forget this weekend brings West Hartford’s Park Road Parade! It starts at 10:30 a.m. and runs up Park Road from Prospect Street up to South Quaker, if I remember correctly.

The parade is to celebrate the fact that Park Road is soooooo much better than the mess that is “West Hartford Center.” I don’t care what you say — though I think it’s amazing that a mini-town sprung up from what used to be a collection of parking lots — I’m still pretty sure “Blue Back” is a deviant sexual act.

The highlight of the parade is by far The Pug Parade. A model of efficiency, this parade within a parade, boasts small adorable dogs dressed in costume, and their adorable owners — which makes getting up early, venturing out to West Hartford and finding parking spot well worth it! While much to my disappointment, there’s no “gay pride” portion of the Parade, for West Hartford, the Pug Parade is close enough!

Bears are anything but exclusive, so whatever type of woodland creature you identify with, feel free to join in this weekend’s Furtoberfest fun!  Whatever (or whoever) you choose to spend your weekend doing, I hope you have a safe and fun one!

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