On the Trail of Twain’s Ghost

If you grew up in Connecticut you’ve probably spent more time at the Mark Twain House than you’d care to remember. Most of that time was probably spent in the company of teachers who smell like cigarettes and coffee, so you may not be in a rush to get back. I like the Twain house though. I have a thing for architecture,  a love of books, and most of all… I dig ghosts.

Yes, the Twain house is haunted, and just in case you don’t believe me, check this out:

But a number of unexplained stories have accumulated over the years: Lights that had been turned off suddenly turned on. The sound of children giggling when there were no children on a tour. A tug on the shirt of one guide and no one there when he turned around. Lights that dimmed when a certain child was spoken of. Figures darting at the edge of the eyes, in corners and shadows. A sudden blast of cold in the drawing room. Loud, jarring noises. The smell of cigar smoke up in the pool room, where the fire alarm would inexplicably go off. The sound of footsteps above, in rooms known to be unoccupied. Children darting up the ornate stairs. And most spectacularly, a tray flung toward a guard stationed in the basement.

Hell yeah! And thanks to a change in management, the professionals are finally getting a crack at Hartford’s favorite historical landmark.Yep, late last month the guys from “Ghost Hunters” showed up for a visit:

Because the show usually spends two weeks in each place, the ghost hunters spent a week at the Mark Twain House with some after-hours investigations this past week at the Old State House. Both are expected to be part of the “Ghost Hunters” season Wednesday nights on the Syfy Network before the end of the year.

What we here at the CuT really like about this story is that it should get the Twain House some much needed visitors. We’re always reading about the financial struggles over there, and we’d love to see an influx of weirdo, ghost hunting visitors come through — even if they do ignore the tour guides and spend their time measuring the electronic activity of the third floor bathroom. What would be really great is if the episode could air before Halloween.