Sex & The Suburbs: The Dating Game – Part III

In a moment of weakness I agreed to be part of the little Dating Game that the Anti-Couric and Asian Persuasion set up. I signed up for a account, let the ladies pick a picture for me, and then waited. After a few weeks, I’ve had a not so wild ride.

Not that this would be a surprise to anyone, but guys are less likely to get written to than girls. Where as our Anti-Couric had scores of requests for a date (and probably a few more looking for something extra), my pickings were definitely on the slim side. (I use the term “slim” loosely. More on that later.) The rules the ladies set out meant that I was to write up a profile and then wait for the women folk to come a-calling. That was not a great idea.

Thus far I’ve had only three ladies write to me and none of them have set my world on fire…or even really interested me. I blame this on all the other guys hounding the “good ones” with relentless emails.

For all I know these ladies could be very nice people but one thing I’ve learned about dating is that you shouldn’t go out with someone in a worse life situation than yourself. While my life situation is the envy of pretty much no one, the three who have written to me don’t seem to be going places in life any time soon and that’s not what I’m looking for. (One had a 45 minute commute to her work at a fast food place. Working at a place like that isn’t “bad” but why would you drive so far for a job like that?)

Connecticut, by all accounts, is a pretty liberal state. We vote for Dodd, Obama and even John Kerry. But never have I seen anything more liberal than the use of the word “average” as in “describe your body type.” If you’re way overweight, please do not describe yourself as “average.” You aren’t fooling anyone. And more to the point, there are plenty of guys out there who enjoy the company of a more fleshy woman! So why fudge that? I, however, am not one of them.

Speaking of fudging, based on pictures, I have a feeling that the women in their 30’s are shaving a few summers off. (Helloooooo, Desperation!) Again, it’s hard to take you seriously if you can’t even be honest about your age. And if you are being truthful, and just look old as the dickens, I’m guessing your lifestyle isn’t exactly stress-free and therefore, I’m still not interested.

After a week or so of getting a few sad emails, Anti-Couric and Asian Persuasion decided to loosen the reigns a little and let me contact one of the women I thought was interesting. And much like the majority of the guys who contacted our Anti-Couric, I didn’t get a response. D’oh!

Bottom line: The Fish Experience has been disappointing, although that’s not surprising. Anti-Couric has had more success and I have a feeling the Gay Guru’s adventures will certainly be worth listening to. But as of this moment, RingNation is a nation of one and won’t be helping that. I shall forever remain a fish out of water.