The Bonestripper

The Bonestripper rocks hard.

The Bonestripper rocks hard.

Normally, when the PrissyBitch and I are in Norwalk we go to B.J. Ryan’s where we can usually count on a free drink or two, and some decent food. But alas, we had no choice but to head around the corner to the Ash Creek Saloon where our friend The Bonestripper was participating in a rib eating contest last Wednesday. A sign outside claims Ash Creek is home to the best ribs in the state, and that it’s the best neighborhood restaurant or some such nonsense. The manhandled pickle that came out with my dinner would seem to be evidence to the contrary, but I digress…

Normally, we WASPs don’t want anything to do with a restaurant boasting a saddle in the bar, but we are nothing if not supportive friends and so we turned out with the masses to support The Bonestripper in his bid for competitive eating glory. He had monogrammed towels, signs, and rock star sunglasses. Clearly, he was the favorite.

Somehow, despite his obvious advantages, he still managed to come in second with about 1.3 lbs of ribs eaten. That was enough to advance him to the finals, though. He can expect to meet some pretty stiff competition in the form of a very small man with a mustache, who managed to put away 2.5 lbs of ribs the week before. (Gross.) The competition was pretty interesting, and included a guy with a scar on his chest that indicated a heart surgery of some sort. Competitive eating was probably not a good idea. He survived, though.

As happy as we were for our friend’s success, PrissyBitch and I were more excited to realize the bar had a Photo Hunt, and a random free credit. Unfortunately, there was no Erotic Photo Hunt–which, if you haven’t played, features mostly nude pictures of people in really cheezy situations–and that is a major drawback in our book. But thanks to the Bonestripper’s rib-eating skills we’ll be back soon enough…Erotic Photo Hunt or not.


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  1. If Ash Creek does a sweet-potato fries eating contest (with molasses, yummy) then I’m in. Until then I’ll leave the competitive eating to my brother. I think I will make him a Xmas stocking that says “Bonestripper.” The name induces holiday spirit, don’t you think?


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