The Fabric of CT = Baseball

Somehow, I missed the Colin McEnroe Show on Friday, but I’m catching up on my podcasts now…and I am sorry to have gone almost a week without having heard this show — which I consider to be more about the fabric of Connecticut than about the game it purports to be about…baseball.

We all know that here in CT there is nothing like the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry to pit neighbor against neighbor. (Here at the CuT writers actually have to swear allegiance to two things before being allowed to write for us: The red Sox, and Colin.) A Pro-lifer will sooner hug an abortion doctor than a Red Sox fan will shake the hand of Yankee-loving neighbor. On the show, Colin talks about how his parents were fine with the fact that he went in different political and religious directions than they did…but that coming home as a Yankees fan would have caused a family rift like no other.

In this brief hour, they manage to describe my feelings about being a Sox fan over the past few years more succinctly than I ever could. I feel like a traitor when I find myself relieved that the Sox won’t be in the World Series because there would be nothing worse than becoming the Yankees…I prefer to win in the same way we’ve lost: shockingly and spectacularly. In order to make up for the soul crushing lows, the highs have to be even higher: like, say, an ALCS comeback win over the Evil Empire that will go down in the history books as, basically, the best thing ever.

If you haven’t already heard it, check it out here, even if you’re one of those rare, and bizarre CT creatures…a Mets fans.