She’s No Sarah Palin

M. Jodi announced this evening that she won’t be seeking reelection (we think this has something to do with the fact that we here at The CuT are always forgetting to hand out our Jodi Rell Awards). Normally, this news would excite us, but after Sarah Palin’s spectacularly nonsensical resignation speech earlier this year, we were hoping The (not-so) Divine Mrs. M. would one-up that psychotic, wolf-shooting, Igloo-dwelling, pageant princess.

No such luck.

Instead, she called a  5 p.m. press conference (something akin to a 4:30 meeting on a Friday) and simply said she would not be running in 2010.

“We had been through much and we needed a new start, a renewed sense of faith in public officials and a recommitment to integrity in our government,” Rell said. “Working together, we steadied our state, and we passed landmark ethics reform and campaign finance reform legislation. And I am very, very proud of that.”

I mean, I understand that she might not have been able to muster an indictment to end her political career, but the least she could have done was throw out a few noun-less sentences.