Who’s Yer Daddy?

I don’t know what’s more disturbing–the fact that this happened, that a white doctor tried to give his sperm to mixed race couple (where the daddy was black) and didn’t think anyone would notice, or that he still has his license?!

(CBS) A Connecticut doctor was sued for allegedly using his own sperm — instead of a patient’s husband’s — for an artificial insemination procedure that produced twins.

Friedman told CBS News, “They were a mixed race couple, the mother is white and the father is black. The twin girls, their complexion was so fair that it immediately caused concern to the parents.”

“Apparently, the Department of Public Health felt this was a matter of mislabeling, that he simply didn’t have clear handwriting on the labels of the sperm bottles, and that it was simply a misunderstanding,” she said. “A $10,000 fine is really a slap on the wrist to a doctor like this, and especially allowing him to have an unrestricted license, where he has unfettered access to other women in his community – that’s very surprising.”

So if he claims it wasn’t his sperm, just the wrong sperm, at least make the guy invest on a typewriter to label his sperm bottles!