Putting Connecticut on the Springfield Map

Wondering which CT celebrity will rise to prominence in the absence of our much beloved Paul Newman?

Well, us too, but it probably won’t be Peggy Black from Orange, who created a new character for “ The Simpsons” by entering a contest Fox held to create the newest in a long line of oddly complected characters. (Contests, these days, are synonymous with “cheap labor and free ideas.”) Her character is called Ricardo “La Bomba” Bomba “a smooth talking ladies’ man from South America with a luxurious black mane, a chiseled physique and a voice as smooth as silk” according to the Associated Press.

La Bomba will be making his appearance on the January 31 episode of the show called “Million Dollar Baby.” You may have stopped watching “The Simpsons” in anything but reruns a decade ago, but we suggest you support your fellow Nutmegger, and tune in for this one.