Ghosts Plague Bridgeport Residents

An abandoned factory in Bridgeport is being called “eerie” but not for the reasons one would expect. I fear most places in Bridgeport because of the likelihood that I will be sacrificed in a Santeria ritual.  However, this time around, it’s ghosts that are apparently scaring the bajeesus out of visitors to the B-po.

Since it debuted in October of 2008, the Travel Channel series “Ghost Adventures” has taken viewers to roughly two dozen creepy locales. And Remington Arms in Bridgeport is definitely one of the eerier places they’ve visited, said series executive producer Daniel Schwartz…

Remington Arms definitely fit the bill. Once one of the largest ammunition factories in the world, the Barnum Avenue site was no stranger to tragedies. These include a 1942 explosion that killed seven people and injured 80 others. The buildings at the site have been closed for years, and have become a popular hangout for the area’s homeless, said James Myers, a Bridgeport police officer and paranormal investigator.

Look for the Remington Arms episode of “Ghost Adventures” on Friday at 9 p.m. on the Travel Channel.