What’s Your Favorite Local Dive?

Connecticut, we want to know what your favorite local dive bar is! We love cheap beer, colorful characters, and a good bar brawl so we want to know what your favorite hangouts are…so we can drink in them, and then judge which one is the best.

Patrons, bartenders, owners, policemen who have to haul drunks off to the tank on Saturday nights…send us your votes. Tell us the name of the bar and the town it’s in, and when we get anough submissions, we’ll start our “research.” Then we’ll declare a favorite based on some sort of random criteria we have yet to establish!

Send us an email (thecutmag@gmail.com),  a Tweet, leave a comment, or find us on Facebook and let us know what your favorite place to get drunk is!



  1. The Arch 2 in Cromwell! Awesome pepperoni pizza, cheap beer, pool tables, and a great juke box. What more could you ask for??


  2. A collection of suggestions from Facebook & Twitter:

    Silk City Cafe – Manchester, CT… though that’s more of a warning than a nomination.

    Butterball’s in Hebron…..I think they should change it to just Balls cuz that’s what it smells like in there.

    Ernies in E. Hampton great Dive bar it’s going to rock on the 12th though.

    Rudy’s in New Haven. The Anchor in New Haven. Great Dive bars!

    Sliders, Plainville


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