Poor College-Educated, Bastards

I complain about my student loan debt, but the truth is…I got off easy thanks to the state school system, my mother’s single status, and my ability to be just a little better than a mediocre student. The fact is I know people who made the less wise decision to attend private colleges in Connecticut, and owe more than I make in a year. And today, The Courant ran a story confirming what I already knew:

Graduates of Connecticut colleges and universities in the Class of 2008 had the third-highest student loan debt in the country, according to a report from the California-based Project on Student Debt…

Two Connecticut schools made it onto a list of private nonprofit colleges in which students with loans carry a particularly high amount of debt: the University of Hartford, with an average student debt of $38,852; and Quinnipiac University, with $37,849.

I was thinking about attending a grad school program at Quinnipiac…but was a little worried about adding to my school debt. I’m thinking this is a sign from Jesus that grad school is not for me.