Animal Obsession

I’m watching WTNH Channel 8 news tonight, as I often do (because I don’t have cable, just a converter box and the only channels I get out here are ABC, CPTV, and something called Create). Tonight, though, I was disturbed by what seemed like a plethora of dog-related news.Then I went to the website to look up the stories I’d seen, and things got weirder.

First there was a puppy burning — though it’s unclear if the puppy was already dead before the burning. Then there was the last-minute rescue of 8 pit bulls in New London that were going to be put down after being confiscated in a drug raid. ( As an aside: when I was working as a news reporter one of my favorite parts of the job was visiting the local pound and doing write-ups on the animals there. I met a lot of great dogs, but over the course of 3+ years, the only ones that really tugged at my heart strings and made me want to take them home were pit-bulls. One went on to be adopted by a family with a daughter in a wheel chair, and he made a great companion for her.)

Once I got to the website, though, I was freaked out. Apparently, a pig held up traffic for 20 minutes in Waterford. More important, and in line with the holiday spirit, is the news of a cow sent from Jeebus to Sterling, CT of all places. According to WTNH a “miracle” cow was born with a cross on it’s head…no, not like a big gold crucifix which would be cause for a news story…but just a lame white patch in the general shape of a cross, or a “t”.