Don’t Worry Officer Anderson

You know, overall I have a huge respect for police officers and their work. Mostly because I know I couldn’t do their job for 5 minutes before pistol whipping the first person I pulled over for speeding or some such nonsense, who gave me a hard time about it.

But then you come across a story like this in Milford where it’s alleged* that Officer Jason Anderson, at a speed in excess of 90 mph, struck and killed two 19-year-olds. Why was Officer Anderson speeding at 90? Well, we’re going to wait until trial to find out, because he was not responding to an emergency call and did not have his lights and sirens on.

Officer Anderson is charged with Manslaughter and Reckless Driving. It is assumed he will enter a not guilty plea on his upcoming January 13 court appearance.

I suppose Officer Anderson has less to worry about now that former Hartford Police Officer, Robert Lawlor has been acquitted of Manslaughter charges in the death of Jashon Bryant. I mean, if that “peace offier” can get off for shooting an unarmed dude to death, Anderson isn’t going to have to spend much of his time–free on $250,000.00 bond–sweating it. Though, we’re guessing that if the teens were good-looking, white, and preferably blond, Anderson will have a harder time getting off.

*Alleged? Well, the collision it was caught on tape by another cruiser. A fellow officer Anderson was drag racing perhaps?