New Yorkachusetts

I’ve been trying to find video of the “True New Englander” McDonalds’ ads for awhile now. I saw a new version of the commercial last night and went looking again, and found this post pondering the meaning of “New York or ‘Chusetts” which is more correctly translated as “New Yorkachusetts” and, apparently, refers to you and me, fellow Nutmeggers.

I can’t quibble over the fact that we are ground-zero for the New York/Boston rivalry but I still find this a little offensive…mostly because I know the rest of New England doesn’t think we “count.” My accent may not be as thick as yours, New Hampsha’ but our leaves change just like yours…

Given the chance, I’ll always identify as a New Englander, which can be weird down here in Fairfield County, the land of New York rejects and Hamptons wannabes.  It’s even weirder in, say, Los Banos, CA, where they think all New Englanders are Kennedys. Nonetheless, I’ve taken a liking to these McDonalds’ commercials, especially the new one which asks, “Best Broadway musical of all time?” Answer: “Wicked.” Having been made fun of for saying “wicked” by former co-workers from Florida, California, and, yes, even Jersey, I have a special affinity for the word.

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for these commercials and send links our way if you come across the other commercials…and let us know how the rest of you New Yorkachusetts residents identify! Are you more New Englander, or more New Yorker? And which teams do you root for?