Say It Ain’t So

As if East Hartford didn’t have enough problems, now it’s got Joe Biden.

Not that we here have anything against Joe Biden; we love a loose canon who likes to talk ad nauseum just as much as the next person, but we’re not sure what exactly his visit brings to East Hartford.

Biden is stumping for Chris Dodd, and having lunch with a bunch of rich people at the Science Center in Hartford. But, truth be told, we’re not sure why we’re even bothering to post about this, because if you believe the stats on WVIT’s website people just don’t give a shit about the vice president.

Though the comments are quite as vitriolic as the ones on The Courant they’re still predictably grouchy:

Old_Biker_Guy Whoop-de-****ing doo. Chris must really miss his boozing buddy and all those fun times making waitress sandwiches. He must be desperate bring Biden to CT to a fund raiser. Do the attendees get to throw pies and rotten tomatoes at these two lying weasely wingnuts?