Recall… Seriously?

There’s no love lost here at The CuT for Joe Lieberman but do you remember what a circus California turned into when they recalled that governor of theirs? And look who they ended up with… Do you really want an Austrian representing Connecticut down in D.C.?

Let me answer that for you? No, you don’t.

So, we suggest mounting a serious opposition to him during the next real election. It’s less stressful, and besides…we can barely afford to pay our state workers, can we really afford a recall election?

Rosa DeLauro, we’d appreciate a personal email agreeing to our idea, because frankly, we think this whole idea of yours is a little batshit, and would like to make sure you don’t get up to any funny business.


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  1. It’s too bad DeLauro didn’t look into procedures before she spoke. CT doesn’t have a method to recall the way CA does. So her rant was, more or less, a time waster.


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