Darwin & Drug Dealers

I’ve known a few drug dealers in my day, and many of them weren’t all that smart, but none of them were stupid enough to fall for this ridiculous trick:

MANCHESTER – Narcotics officers rounded up 19 suspected drug dealers over two days this week and have 11 warrants for more, police said.

Drug dealers who are curious if their names appear on those warrants are encouraged to contact the East Central Narcotics Task Force.

Names of Suspects and Charges Filed

“A task force officer will be happy to assist them,” a statement released today said.

Monday and Tuesday’s arrests were part a months-long under cover operation called “Operation New Year.” The suspects, who range in age from early 20’s to late 40’s, are being accused of dealing heroin, marijuana, crack cocaine or other narcotics.

I would pay big money to be a fly on the wall when the first retarded drug dealer walks into the police station and says, “Hey, I’m uh…you know…just wondering if…you know…like…you guys have a warrant for me, or anything ’cause I’m like…uh…a drug dealer and stuff.”