This is the true story…

I haven’t really watched a season of “The Real World” in years, but I may have to go back to turning my brain into a sponge this season because, apparently, Connecticut is getting represented…sort of.

I know what you’re thinking, “The last time someone from Connecticut made it to ‘The Real World’ that loon with the eating disorder cried for half-an-hour once a week and made us want to move to New Hampshire.” But this guy isn’t really from CT. He’s from Baltimore…or as they say on “The Wire,” Balmer…and just graduated from Trinity College.

But for years, now, MTV has been stocking that show full of loud-mouthed, half-retarded, drunken shit-shows (except for the Brooklyn season). So I have to wonder how a guy who said this in an interview with The Courant ended up on the cast:

“Connecticut is beautiful,” Ruff says. “But Hartford is a lot like Baltimore, and I do not like Baltimore at all. There are such huge disparities. Connecticut and Maryland are two of the richest states, but they have Baltimore and Hartford, two cities that lead in poverty and per capita violence. Why is there such a huge disparity between the haves and haves not in places with a lot of money?”

Not since the days of Pedro Zamora has anyone uttered a word like “disparity” on “The Real World.” And for that reason alone, I think I’ll tune in…at least once or twice.