The Dirty

Depending on how often you read this blog, or how often you chat with me, you may or may not have heard about my theory that Connecticut (specifically Fairfield County) is turning into New Jersey. All one has to do is drive down the streets and pass the McMansions and overly tanned girls in Uggs–carrying ugly Coach purses with the big “Cs” all over them–to know that the land of be-pearled WASP is no more. PrissyBitch is doing her best to bring it back, but I’m afraid it may be doomed after this:

Snooki, Nicole Polizzi, the pint-sized powerhouse from the show has been here a couple times, smooching with “The Situation” at MGM and dancing at Shrine. She’ll be back on Thursday, appearing at Gotham Citi Cafe, in New Haven, where there is sure to be some fist-pumping.

It doesn’t stop there though, people. If you go to the actual article, there is a list of disturbing CT appearances by the cast of Tacky Shore. It seems that the casinos and New Haven are the main forces of evil behind this invasion.

And since we know “all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”, we’re thinking about organizing a protest. Who’s with us?



  1. We’re aware. And for the record, we know that the casinos are in New London County. These two facts played a big part in our decision to bother extending the theory past Fairfield for this particular post.


  2. A funny thing happened. I went out to dinner in Westville and wound up sitting next to a table full of NJ realtors. I have *never* sat next to such an obnoxious crowd indigenous to CT. I’m reconsidering the theory . . .


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