Get a Woody(‘s)

You may recognize Woody’s in downtown Hartbeat from Man vs. Food a couple of months ago, but I recognize it as the place down the street from my office I always wanted to go. I love hot dogs–I don’t give a hoot what might be in them, or even how they are cooked (grilled, steamed, whatever). I just love them. I can down four or five Fenway franks and still have room for nachos. However, having worked a hop, skip and a waddle away from Woody’s for over a year, it wasn’t until this Monday that I actually made it there.

Apparently Woody’s has been around since 1977–before any CuTters were born. The best part is…

We started by purchasing a vending truck, which we drove all over the city of Hartford. What’s funny is the vending truck’s bell didn’t ring, so we would drive around Hartford banging on the bell with a crowbar.

Sound like my kind of people.

And they were–Woody wasn’t particularly talkative but I can appreciate that. I got two dogs (I showed restraint) with mustard, ketchup, cheese and onions. They didn’t skimp on any one of them–it was like an eight napkin meal and it was delicious. The atmosphere is a little kitschy–which is how it should be. It was a weekday lunch, so there wasn’t exactly a huge crowd, but there are bands and a bar area for party time. Take my word, if you’re looking for an amazing hot dog, get a Woody on. Two salt shakers.