The Lazy Interviewer: Ryan Hanrahan

As we slowly emerge from the depths of another Connecticut winter and we begin the process of ungluing ourselves from the television and internet weather reports, I think it’s pretty safe to assume we are a winter-weather obsessed society. I’ve come to this conclusion because I’ve noticed an abundance of people asking me the same question. “Gay Guru, who’s the fairest Connecticut Meteorologist of them all?” and I think to myself, “well…me, if I was a Meteorologist of course.” But, alas I am not.

Yes, ever since Art Horn left the proverbial building, I find that there’s only one man that stirs up Connecticut’s low-pressure system nowadays. So who is the dreamiest of all Connecticut weathermen? Why none other than NBC 30’s Ryan Hanrahan!

After some shameless cyber-stalking I found Ryan, and harassed him ‘til he agreed to do The CuT’s Lazy Interview. So without further ado:

Q: The Connecticut TV-Weather business seems pretty cut-throat. Do you have an arch nemesis? Who?

A: This isn’t the sexiest answer, but it’s actually not cut-throat. Most of us all get along outside of work. We’re all used to working crazy hours and getting excited about a storm everyone else wants to miss, which gives us all something in common with one another.

Q: Is it just me, or is Colbie Calait the most annoying person ever?

A: I don’t know her, but that song I hear on the radio is annoying.

Q: Stop & Shop, Shaw’s, or Big Y? And just what do you think that “Y” stands for anyway?

A: Stop & Shop. Not sure why, but it’s where I’ve always gone! As for the “Y”, who the hell knows!

Q: Is Nascar a sport?

A: No. I hate sitting in a car and I’ve never liked watching cars go by so I have no interest in it. I could enjoy tailgating and drinking Miller High Life outside, however.

Q: My feelings about UFC being soft-core gay porn aside, who would you want to take on in a UFC match?

A: Never watched UFC.

Q: What flavor of Starbursts should be outlawed?

A: The yellow ones are gross. I actually only eat the pink ones so most of them could go away and I wouldn’t care.

Q: What do you really think of Rhode Island?

A: It’s actually a cool state. I lived in Providence for a summer with a bunch of friends and absolutely loved it. Hartford could learn a few things from our neighbor to the east.

Q: Everyone has a price: What would it take for you to sell your soul?

A: (GG: Ryan left this one blank…we’re assuming this means all meteorologists sell theirs souls to the Doppler people.)

Q: What’s your favorite breakfast food?

A: French toast. Errr, wait a second…. bacon!! Though I guess bacon can be eaten at anytime so it’s not exclusively “breakfast” food.

Q: Be honest: you still kinda believe thunder is the sound of God bowling, don’t you?

A: Isn’t it God getting really pissed off?

Q: I’m seeing a trend. Do you often talk a lot about yourself when being interviewed?

A: Do I?



  1. cute interview. I think Ryan is from my hometown Guilford. I watch his network at 11pm just to see what he thinks the weather will be. I’m proud of the guy!


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