All About Us: Anti-Couric Edition

A typical night in the Anti-Couric household.

We’re always  trying to find new ways to talk about ourselves here at The CuT, because all bloggers are, in essence, deeply self-obsessed. So, we thought of a not-so-new or ingenious way of telling you all about ourselves: lists of shit we like. In this case, it happens to be the shit we are obsessed with right now.

Every once in awhile one of us will be posting about what it is we’re eating, reading, watching, listening to, and God only knows what else. Here with the first installment is the always verbose Anti-Couric.

Listening To: For about 2 weeks now, I have been telling anyone who will listen about Mumford & Sons. I heard a NPR story about them while driving home one night and then immediately downloaded the album when I got home (legally, which means I must have really liked it). It’s been on almost non-stop repeat since. I wake up with the songs in my head. Sometimes, when I’m at work and I start going into Mumford-withdrawal I just start playing YouTube videos of them. Here’s one of my favorites.

I am actively trying to marry (or shack-up with) each of these guys, ending with lead-singer Marcus Mumford because I want to have him sing me to sleep. I also feel like we’d have a lot of fun during pub sing-a-longs. If you can help me achieve this goal, please email us.

Reading: I’m almost done with the 700+ page The Given Day. It’s an ambitious undertaking about Boston in 1918-1919. There are anarchists, riots, police strikes, lots of Spanish Influenza related deaths, and even more Irish people. In places it feels unfocused, but I’m almost done with this behemoth and I like it. But I love almost anything that features belligerent Irish guys. I have a soft spot for them.

But I’m technically also still reading a handful of other things that I will probably never finish, like One Hundred Years of Solitude, The Girl With No Shadow, and Fast Food Nation.

Watching: I don’t have cable. I only get 3 channels on my converter box. One is ABC, one is CPTV, and one is some channel I’ve never heard of before but often features arts and crafts or gardening-related programs. I do, however, have Netflix and a Roku box. So I watch a lot of movies and shows on DVD. I’ve been catching up on things like “The Wire” and “Weeds.” But returning to my belligerent Irish-guy theme, I’ve also been watching “Brotherhood.” It’s a show about two brothers in our neighboring Providence, RI–one of whom is a thug, and the other is a politician representing a neighborhood called “The Hill.” I asked a friend in Providence about this neighborhood because, as I’ve mentioned, I love a good Irish guy with an accent and criminal tendencies. Turns out, The Hill really just has Italians in it these days, which does not interest me in the least.

Also, ABC programming is working its way into my life, and I have come to realize Jimmy Kimmel is hilarious.

Eating: I am on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich kick. This happens to me once in awhile, and then I run out of J before PB and I forget about them for awhile. Then one day I realize I’ve still got some peanut butter and so I go to the store, buy some white bread and jelly and start stuffing my face with this deliciousness until the jelly runs out again.

Wearing: I have a cardigan obsession, but the rules of my self-imposed stuff boycott basically say that if I want to buy something, I have to get rid of something else. This is pretty easy to abide by, because I get rid of a lot more than I ever buy. Quite often, I get rid of stuff without buying anything at all. So, the other day I went through my sock and underwear drawers and got rid of all the stuff that has long been forgotten at the bottoms.

Then I went to TJ Maxx where I was in search of a pair of shoes for my upcoming vacation. I wanted something cute enough for a bar in New Orleans, but casual enough for an airboat ride in a swamp (and that will allow me to run from alligators and rednecks alike). I found a great selection of lowtop Converse and they had white — which meant they could replace my dirty old, boat shoes that were always a little too small — but alas, it was not meant to be. The shoes were all shelved according to men’s sizes in the women’s department. I spent about 1o minutes convinced my feet were shrinking. I never did find a pair that fit. Dejected, I wandered through the clothing department.

This is where my love of cardigans comes into play…or as Old Navy puts it, “cardi-coats.” I prefer that they somehow remind me of Stevie Nicks, which means they should be drapey and flowing and make me look like a crazy English teacher (or have ruffles, like the one I really want, to the right of the page). At TJ’s, I found a great little purple jersey cardi-coat, with some nice beading around the front that makes it look like I put effort into how I look, even though I really just wear jeans and a cardigan every day. So I have now added this purple number to the rotation, which makes me feel better because I worry about wearing out my favorites and not being able to find an equally awesome replacement.

Thinking: As the Asian-Persuasion and RingNation can tell you — because I’ve harassed them with emails and gchat conversations about it — I’ve been having some weird mornings. Sunday night I woke up after a bad dream, pretty much convinced I was going to be murdered. So I grabbed a screwdriver from my night table (which I keep there for just those kinds of occasions) and proceeded to sleep with it in my hand until my alarm went off in the morning. When I say “alarm” I mean the cellphone that was connected to my laptop, charging, in my bed. For some reason, I did not recognize my alarm for what it was and proceeded to almost stab my iPhone with the screwdriver in some sort of weird Monday-morning panic.

Then, this morning, I kept hitting the snooze button. Finally, at 8:20 I decided to get out of bed, and just as I made that decision my doorbell rang. Again, I was confused. I laid there half in bed, wondering what to do. I figured I should put on a sweatshirt before even thinking about answering the door, so despite having several hoodies hanging on my bedposts, I stumbled around for a good 3o seconds confused about where I kept such things. By the time I got anywhere near the door, whoever had rung the bell was gone.

RingNation thinks I have too much on my mind. Asian-Persuasion is hoping the PrissyBitch can hook me up with some good meds and sedate me before I do damage to myself, my electronics, or my poor cat who often wakes me up in the morning and may find herself on the wrong end of a screwdriver soon. Either way, I think I’m just about due for a vacation.



  1. I am also obsessed with Mumford & Sons, and it’s also because of that NPR story. I actually pulled over and downloaded four songs on my iPhone right after the story because I was worried I would forget to do it by the time I got home.


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