He Said/She Said: Corey Haim

RIP Lucas

We here at The CuT are in our late-20s. We’re damn near 30. Which means we’re in the age-group most likely to be affected by the death of one Corey Haim. Haim’s all-American good looks and sweet Vanilla Ice hair kept him from getting some of the prime roles that the other Corey got (think Stand By Me and The Goonies). I mean, Haim would have been a lousy “Mouth” but the Anti-Couric will admit to having enough of a crush on him to sit through a terrible movie where he humped Nicole Eggert at a ski resort.

So here are Asian-Persuasion and RingNation with their thoughts on the late, great Corey Haim.

He Said

For people of a certain age, Corey Haim will be remembered as one of the movie stars that helped define a generation. Whether this generation is worthwhile or not remains to be seen but still, he was in some very memorable movies of that era. If you grew up in a house with HBO, Lucas, The Lost Boys or License to Drive were, no doubt, in heavy rotation. When you’re off from school for the summer with not much else to do, you can’t help get acquainted with the movies and stars of HBO classics.

Here’s why Corey Haim was so great in those roles: he had an every-kid quality to him that most kids growing up in the suburbs could relate to. Lucas was a misfit who struggled to fit in. Sam (Lost Boys) moved to a new area with his single mom and wanted to fit in. Les (License to Drive) was trying to get his license and wanted to impress the girl, in this case, Heather Graham. (In reality, this would never happen. Graham would have been WAY out of his league and she would never associate with him.)

But these were all relatable roles to a group of people coming into their own. Seeing someone like Haim go through familiar situations could make you feel better and laugh about your own lame situation in life.

I tend to be sympathetic towards child stars gone wrong. To go from a life where everyone is kissing up to you when you’re 16 and have tons of money to a life where no one wants to talk to you and your name is a punch line is a rough transition. I’m actually surprised more former child actors aren’t on the crank once the spotlight fades.

If movies mean something to you, and you grew up in the 80’s, chances are you will remember Corey Haim and the characters he played fondly. If not, you probably didn’t have HBO and that must have really sucked.

She Said

RingNation is right. I’ve never had HBO in my life. In fact, I have what The Boyfriend calls my “Dark Period” which spans from the 80s into the early 90s. I wasn’t allowed to watch a lot of the movies or listen to popular music so my pop-culture knowledge was next to nothing. However, I’ve managed to catch up on most of the canon–I mean, at least the really important stuff. Thanks to TBS and TNT it’s easy to find what’s important to being part of America’s GenX/Y.

So, I was vaguely aware that there was a Corey Haim. So when Facebook and CNN blew up with news of his death, I knew he was an 80s actor, but besides The Lost Boys, I couldn’t name anything else he might have done.  In fact, and this is such an insult to the other Corey, but I had to look up a picture of him since to figure out which one he was. I find Feldman more recognizable.

If he were truly an icon of the 80s, I would have known who he was. I know who Molly Ringwald is. I know John Cusak, Anthony Michael Hall, Ally Sheedy, Matthew Broderick, Judd Nelson, Rob Lowe, etc. Those names and faces are truly iconic. And, to the best of my knowledge, they continued to work beyond their 20s…and not just as a part of a short lived reality TV show.

Even more indicative of this “no big deal-ness” is the fact that when I admitted to people that I wasn’t quite sure who he was, or that I had mixed him up with the other Corey, everyone seemed pretty understanding. I didn’t get the, “How could you not know who he is?!” that I would undoubtedly get if I didn’t know who, say, Debbie Gibson was.

While any death, especially so young, is tragic, I don’t believe that, as one Facebook post lamented, “It’s like losing MJ all over.”


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  1. Well, I’m feel the same way as the She said portion. I never really heard of Corey Haim. It is a tragedy to lose someone in the same age bracket as mine but I personally I was oblivious. I’ve never seen the Lost Boys or any of the other films he was in. I guess my parents didn’t take me to the movies during the 80s. I’m part of the Nickelodeon generation. I grew up watching Nick during the 90s so I know them well. I remember Clarissa Explains It All, Double Dare, Rocko’s Modern Life, Ren and Stimpy, Keenan and Kel, and All That. These are the shows I grew up with. I really didn’t have the concept of movie stars at that time. I really didn’t watch that many movies until high school.
    I’m mostly a 90s kid. I don’t recall much of what occurred during the 80s(I was born in 1981).


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