All About Us: Asian Persuasion

In our next installment in our supremely self-indulgent “All About Us” series, the Asian Persuasion will tell you what’s going on in her world. She is once again refusing to be a stereotype and does not mention math even once!


Reading: I’ve recently been convinced that all my reading on the Internet has dulled my ability to settle down with a good book.

This dude is keeping me entertained.

And I deeply regret this. So I’ve been working on rereading Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina for longer than I’d like to admit (keep in mind I’m used to blowing through a book a week). During my lunch break at work, I’ve been reading just about everything I can on because they’re a lot less annoying and go more in depth than say, CNN. However, if I am sick of my multiple-personality computer, I also have a copy of Slaughterhouse V that I whip out once in a while…always a good choice.

Listening To: Most of the time I’m listening to NPR…but lately I’ve been doing some time travel with the ipod…Smiths, Clash. I also like my Pandora station at work with some comforting/depressing Postal Service, Iron & Wine, Keane, Coldplay and the like. I’ve also added the Anti-Couric’s new favorite Mumford & Sons. At least a couple times a week, I’ll hit up some classical–Bach, Rachmaninoff, Mendelssohn. I know, I’m a nerd.

Watching: Usually I will watch whatever The Boyfriend puts on TV (although I draw the line at “Man vs. Wild” and most reality/game shows). If it were up to me, it’d be a perpetual rotation of “Law & Order: SVU,” “NCIS” and “Gilmore Girls.” Now that “Lost” is back, I ache for Tuesday nights. This also leads to random day dreams where I live in an alternate universe, or on a lovely island while being chased by delusional-insane-zombie-folks, possessed by an evil force. Once baseball season starts again, I’ll  be a happy camper.

These boots are my favorite things ever. For now.

Wearing: So I just bought my first pair of  “skinny” jeans. Being 5-foot-nothing tall, it took a lot of debate as to whether or not I could pull this off. The Anti-Couric made me promise to wear slouchy boots with them. Which means I bought new boots…grey, slouchy, soft leather. For $50. I love them…and I love that I got a $150 pair of boots for $50. I will be wearing them every day until they fuse to my feet.

Thinking: Many times a day, I think about my dog. Because she’s like my kid. I hate leaving every day when she gives me that, “Can’t I go with you?” look. Luckily, on the days when she goes to doggy daycare I get to watch her on a camera. That’s a little sad too, because she’s usually just standing there confused. I’ve also been obsessing about my garden…how my seedlings are doing and if I can sneak some veggies in between the flowers so my condo association doesn’t go all Nazi on me. Come this summer, The Boyfriend is moving in, so I’ve been thinking about how the hell all of our stuff is going to fit in my place. This involves mentally rearranging everything eighteen thousand times a day and mentally giving stuff to Goodwill. It’s a complicated process. It keeps me busy.


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