The Great Migration

We’ve been feeling a bit like Wildebeests or Reindeer lately, as we undertook what we are now referring to as The Great Migration.

You see, a few weeks ago I got a bug up my ass. I was trying to add a widget to our old page that would allow you, our beloved readers to share our posts on sites like Facebook. It wasn’t working correctly so I got annoyed and decided to start looking into what it would take to migrate all our old content to a new site… and so it began.

I found a post that made it seem pretty easy, and then asked for help from Clamp because I was afraid to undertake it by myself. Clamp threw himself into it but as we wrestled with the GoDaddy WordPress hosting we quickly realized it was meant for new sites…not people looking to migrate…

The days wore on… Clamp hovered on the verge of a nervous breakdown (you know, between tap-dancing classes).

So we called THE MATRIX!

Now, everyone has their computer nerd friends that they turn to when their computers are running slow or making ungodly whirring noises. For us, that’s Clamp. But THE MATRIX is  the friend you call when your computer has actually burst into flames, taken a shit on your rug, and then thrown itself out a window…but you just can’t afford to replace it.

Thanks for all your help guys. If we ever start making money off of this, we’ll buy you some pie.

Once we called in the big guns things started moving along. There were server errors or something, and some other nonsense I didn’t understand. But by the next morning things were running smoothly, and now, here were are looking back on those dark days and laughing…

Now we’re starting to play around with the plug-ins — including things like Google Adsense. Once we get everything sorted out, we may even think about a facelift. So, stay tuned for all the exciting new developments to come.


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