Will you get honored during National Volunteer Week?

April 18-April 24th is National Volunteer Week, proclaimed so by President Obama. Started in 1974 by Points of Light, this special week has gained endorsement not only from the President, but from mayors, governors, and other officials…even a former Miss Connecticut in 1998 (how I love Google).

National Volunteer Week not only encourages people to get off their butts, but step up and volunteer, but more importantly, focus on honoring those in our community who spend hours of their time volunteering for causes they believe in. Like the Anti-Couric volunteers at an animal shelter to walk dogs (through piles of roadkill sometimes). The Asian Persuasion just volunteered to work at the Bushnell’s Family Fun Day making arts and crafts with lots of screaming children.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer yourself, you can visit sites like volunteermatch.org or volunteerct.org to look through many opportunities. Or, if you have a cause that you already support, a phone call from you asking what you can do to help is guaranteed to make their day, whether you are looking for a one day opportunity or a regular schedule.

Remember, it does not have to be Volunteer Week for you to become a do-gooder.