Jazz & Lesbians!

Last Friday I descended upon Tommy’s in Middletown to take in a Jazz band called the Isaac Young Quartet. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t Tommy’s where the Guru has all those Grey Goose fueled, bear-filled romps?” and in part, yes that’s true. But like the Guru, Tommy’s is relatively versatile. Hosting a swinger’s night several times a month, and very friendly to local musicians and bands, Tommy’s is something of an enigma and thus, can’t quite be nailed down. It’s sort of Tommy’s thing, far be it for me to judge.

I met a friend for dinner on the restaurant side of Tommy’s before we adjourned to the bar for IYQ. I’m no music journalist, but the music was fantastic–although a little loud for the space, but I may just be getting too old for live music (the Anti-Couric hit that stage of life years ago).  Better yet, was how good lookin’ the band was…and even better than that, the good lookin’ patrons who showed up to hear the band!

It’s no secret that attractive folk tend to congregate together. I mean, look at the CuT writers. So in addition to stellar Jazz, taking in an Isaac Young Quartet show is sure to offer some delicious eye candy.

Lucky for you darlings, IYQ is coming to Tommy’s again Friday, May 7.  So scrape up the $7 cover and go ‘cause you love booze and Jazz music. You’re classy like that. If for some reason you can’t make this show, you can get more upcoming gig info on their site at www.isaacyoungjazz.com

I’ve got news for my lezzie ladies too! The Hartford Gay and Lesbian Health Collective is hosting a Ladies Like You(LiLY) event on Saturday, May 8, from 6 -9 p.m. (Oh would you look at that, 6 to 9! Those lesbians are so witty!)  LiLY parties will be hosted on the second Saturday of every month for women of lesbian, bisexual, queer, or questioning persuasions and this particular gathering is their first event!

Oh, and bring a dish girls, cause this premier LiLY Mix & Mingle is pot-luck!  So shine up your Birkenstocks, and go check it out. You never know, this pot-luck supper could lead you to your next box lunch!

For more information on LiLY check out the HGLHC’s Facebook page {hyperlink: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=67248054364) or check out www.hglhc.org

The Gay Guru returns next week with what he does best….advice! Remember, the Gay Guru lives for you and loves to hear from you. So for all your guruly needs, be sure to send your cards and letters to thecutmag@gmail.com