Sex & the Suburbs: Sober Speed Dating?

The Gay Guru and I are confused. It’s not that we’re against Speed Dating. It seems like it could be fun, in a weird, S&M kind of way. What we don’t get is why anyone would want to do it in a well-lit, booze-free environment like a supermarket. The Courant says:

If you were at Whole Foods in Glastonbury in late May, perusing the salad bars or getting a Cold Fusion gelato, you might have seen several pairs of people sitting in a cordoned area making chitchat.

In case you were wondering, they were speed-dating, one of a series of events put on by

We investigated the picture that accompanied the article to try and figure out what might possess someone to date so close to the condiment aisle–and, more importantly, in a place where they were unlikely to be able to get hammered in order to survive the experience. Upon further investigation, we realized the people in the picture seemed to be old…or at least older than us. I suggested that perhaps they were too old to be interested in going to bars (though I certainly hope I never reach that age) but the Guru had a better idea. He suggested that they might be in AA.

It might be a stretch to think all of these people are recovering alcoholics looking for love, but maybe some of them are of that strange breed the Guru and I know almost nothing about: non-drinkers. Either way, you can be sure that if we ever decide to try the speed dating thing we will insist it be in a place filled with alcoholic beverages…or we’re bringing a flask.