Gay Guru: Pride & Prejudice

Hello my darlings!

Well, it’s come upon us again. Connecticut Pride, Hartford’s Gay Pride shindig jumps off on Saturday, June 5 in Hartford’s Bushnell Park at noon.  From there, well I’m not exactly sure what’s going on.

You see sweets, I’ve been near completely unable to tear myself away from “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” “Real Housewives of New York” and, their respective blogs, long enough to come up for air…but there’s sure to be events at both of Hartford’s gay clubs. I hear the Lesbians will be congregating at The Chez, which means a lovely assortment of Gays should be found at The Polo, and your Gay Guru will be found at Tommy’s Restaurant in Middletown (8 p.m.) for Bear Pride!

Now, on to the “Prejudice”(because that’s what you came here for, admit it!):

What the hell is going on in Southwest Connecticut?  First this dude was arrested, wearing only a diaper and approaching women in a C-Town Supermarket parking lot. Now it seems Stamford Officer Paul Mabey, a 14-year veteran of the police force, was arrested for flashing a photo of his manly bits to a 26-year-old woman whom he pulled over.

Originally reported by, a 26-year-old Norwalk woman sent letters to Stamford Police Chief Robert Nivakoff, the American Civil Liberties Union and The Advocate alleging that Mabey pulled her over on May 26, made several inappropriate passes at her, and showed her a cell phone picture of his genitals.

Now, here’s the thing kids, far be it for your Gay Guru to judge a fetish. I mean, if showing off photos of your junk or dressing up like an Adult Baby is your thing then good for you. With modern technology and the advent of Craigslist, I’m sure you can find someone to participate in your fetish. However when you take that party in to public you’re most likely going to find yourself listed on a website of the convicted sex-offender variety.

As for you Officer Mabey, while showing me a photo of your junk would almost certainly have your Gay Guru clamoring for a steamy interlude the back seat of your cruiser, I believe your methodology would almost never work on the heterosexual female of the species (and might actually get you beaten up by a female of the homosexual variety).  And besides, if it did work, is that really the type of lady you’d want to hook up with? I think not dear sir, I think not.

Ah, the smell of lube and sexual indecency hangs heavy on the breeze. Oh how I love springtime in Connecticut!  Whether you find yourself celebrating your pride, on your knees in a bar bathroom or with your legs in the air in a back alley, whatever it is you do this weekend, your Gay Guru hopes you go about it safely and happily.

With all of my love and pride,