He Got Game: Ray Allen & the NBA Finals

Who says it doesn’t rain in Southern California? Last night it was pouring 3-pointers as Celtics star and former UConn All-American Ray Allen made Los Angeles seem like Seattle in October as he hit an NBA Finals record eight 3-pointers (seven in the first half alone) as the Celtics took game two of the seven game series. Allen finished with a game high 32 points as the Celtics won 103-94.

Not to be out done, Celtics point guard (and soon to be very rich man) Rajon Rondo had a triple double (19, 12, 10) and played a pivotal role in tying the series up at one game apiece. While the Lakers pretty much dominated inside the paint with Bynum (21) and Gasol (25), the Celtics used their outside game to near perfection. This was a moment when they really needed the long range shot as big men Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce were virtually non-existent.

Like any good team, as the Lakers unfortunately are, they made it very close towards the end of the game. But the defensive effort of Rondo saved the Celtics and squashed any hope of a Lakers comeback.

Since Connecticut does not have an NBA team, despite the incredible case I made for the Atlanta Hawks to move to Hartford a few years ago, The CuT is throwing its full support behind the Celtics to win the series because a) everyone should hate the Lakers on principle and b) Ray Allen is the man. (Just ask Spike Lee.) If you support a team that has Kobe Bryant on it, seriously, hang your head in shame. I don’t even want to know you.

The next three games take place in Boston and that might just be the momentum swing that the Celtics need to finish off their West Coast opponents. Boston knows how to throw one heck of a parade, and as long as it’s not for the Bruins, I’ll waste my vacation days on attending them without a second thought.