The Mayer Situation

Initially, I was preparing to be horrified by the state of John Mayer’s abs. But let’s face it, it doesn’t matter if Fairfield’s prodigal son is doing endless crunches because he just croons and tries to “f*ck every man who’s ever f*cked you” and no one cares if he’s ripped or not.

So, then I figured I would be cringing at the ridiculousness of “The Situation” and his orange abs. But then I got distracted by how atrocious the caption is. Bad spelling and wrong pronouns are the least of this post’s problems. I have to wonder if the interns over at WVIT are showing up to work drunk.

I mean, it’s OK if they are. A good journalist has to learn early on how to cope with his or her problems through booze, because Lord knows you won’t be able to throw money at them.