Mayor Schmayor

Today the GayGuru pointed out that I had been terribly remiss in my duties as our resident news hound.

He’s right. I have not, in fact, bothered to write about Connecticut’s latest corrupt mayor. This is largely because I just don’t care about this whole mess. No prostitutes. Therefore, I’m not interested.

But Hartford’s mayor will be submitting his resignation letter on Friday in the wake of his conviction for bribery and whole bunch of other crap. Frankly, corrupt mayors are a dime a dozen in this state. I’m sure there are some first selectmen and town managers with some shady histories too, and I just don’t have the time to bother with them all.

So, let me just congratulate Mayor-to-Be Pedro Segarra and urge him not to do anything that would force me to pretend to care about yet another corruption trial.