Our Very Own Winona

Ah, how the memories come flooding back to me. When I was just a mere queerling living in an Albany, New York suburb, I apparently had my own run in with shoplifting. I (allegedly) stole a greeting card from the local Stewart’s convenience store chain.I distinctly remember this was my first (but certainly not last) brush with complete and total embarrassment. After being scolded by my parents, they marched me back into the store where I had to admit what I had done to the store’s manager and apologize.

Sure, since then I may have thrown a few items under the cart at the Target, or Stop & Shop and forgotten about them by the time I got to the register. But these things happen. I’ve also paid for things, placed them back under the cart and never turned back after I drove out of the store parking lot….so it all evens out.

And why gush about my own sordid history of larceny, you ask? Well darlings, it all brings me to the tragic tale of Connecticut News’ biggest cliché.  Desiree Fontaine, an anchor woman on WTNH News Channel 8 was arrested this weekend at the Milford Mall for allegedly shoplifting a $104.98 bottle of perfume as reported by the Associated Press via The Huffington Post:

“…Fontaine was released after promising to appear in court on July 7.

Fontaine’s Twitter account has been idle since Saturday morning, when she tweeted, “good morning saturday sunshine–i’m ready to play!” The incident took place on Saturday.

Fontaine has not responded to media inquiries for comment and WTNH, the ABC affiliate in New Haven she works for, acknowledged the incident but has not gone into details.

Fontaine joined the staff at WTNH in September 2007 and works a a morning traffic reporter and host of “Connecticut Style” per her official bio. She grew up in California.”

Listen Des, I’m not totally sure how it works in California, but here in Connecticut, you have a long way to go if you’re attempting to forge a political career.