Walking with the Criminally Insane

Last week my boss and I decided we would start walking on the days that she’s in the office. So, we noticed that around the corner from our office people were walking dogs and pushing baby strollers through what looked like an abandoned school or hospital, and decided to explore it.

We headed over on Monday and took a lovely stroll through the Fairfield Hills Campus. We wandered along the sidewalks for awhile, discovering that they seem to be rehabbing the place and turning it into a sort of town building campus with some private offices. We admired some of the architecture, and really dug the nature paths. We even got to see a rather serene doe who didn’t seem bothered by our presence and just hung out 10 feet from us.

We wondered what the place had been, but then kind of forgot about it. Today, though, we went back and my curiosity got the better of me. I Googled “Fairfield Hills Campus” and just got information about the renovation project of the former Fairfield Hills Hospital. Booooooring. So, I then Googled “Fairfield Hills Hospital” and I got a whole different story.

Turns out, we’re casually strolling through what was once a home to the criminally insane. According to Strangeusa.com:

In the small Connecticut town of Newtown lies an enormous field containing more than 100 large abandoned buildings that once housed more than 4000 crazy people. Featured as the location on what is said to be the most scary episode of MTV’s fear Ghostwatcherz.com, Fairfield Hills’ buildings range from the shock treatment building to the center for the criminally insane. The institution had a history of unauthorized lobotomies and mysterious deaths. The unique thing about Fairfield Hills is that it has an interconnected system of underground tunnels connecting most of the buildings to each other.

Well, ain’t that a bitch? How do I know that lovely deer wasn’t actually the soul of some poor, tortured nutter who had an unauthorized lobotomy?

As it turns out, MTV called the hospital “St. Agnes” to keep people from tromping through there. Apparently  Sleepers was filmed there, which was a pretty creepy movie for different reasons. This YouTube video gives you a little insight but also seems to have some conflicting facts about the hospital’s history (which may just be a way to mislead people).

I’m starting to think it’s no coincidence that Ed and Lorraine Warren made this part of the state their home. There’s a lot of haunted crap around here. Between the insane asylum and the White Lady this place is like Ghost Hunter Heaven. Well, at least I’ve got fodder for another CMS essay…if I don’t get scared to death before next Halloween.