Bridgeport Has Been a Bad, Bad Boy

Brian A. Pounds - Connecticut Post

As you may have heard, God visited her wrath upon Bridgeport Thursday for allowing the rampant practice of Santeria. This came in the form of high winds, and lots of rain. And there may or may not have been a tornado…no one seems to know.

Well, after making sure her solar panels were still in place, the PrissyBitch and I hopped in her convertible with the Flip Cam and headed out to document the wreckage for all of you. What we ended up getting was hit on, a lot.

You see, navigating the streets of Bridgeport is always tricky, but when you’re avoiding fallen trees, power lines, and billboards it gets even more confusing. And, since something like 80,000 people were without power, lots of them were sitting on the stoops and sidewalks of the B-Po. A couple of  “gringas” (as one guy called us) in a Saab convertible with a pink camera were the closest thing these people had to entertainment yesterday.

The worst we saw were some cars under some fallen trees a few blocks from the PrissyBitch’s place. We heard stories of collapsed buildings but didn’t find any on our travels–or at least none that didn’t always look that way. We headed downtown because we’d heard the Barnum Museum got its windows blown out and we thought some of the miniature elephant poop from the miniature circus might be on the street but no such luck.  We did, however, encounter an absurd amount of foam (like the kind you might find in a couch) strewn along one road. It was accompanied by some siding. We were very confused.

This morning, while reading a Connecticut Post article about the destruction, I realized that PrissyBitch and I were breaking the rules by even being out there. Apparently there was a 5:30 curfew. I didn’t even go to her house until after 7. We are so badass.

If you want to see what we saw (or hear me yelling at her about her distracted driving) go to our Facebook page for the video.