LOST: The Bradley Edition

If you’re a travel geek like me, then there’s no doubt you’ve heard about this week’s fiasco at Bradley International Airport.  The flight ended and the drama took off when a Virgin Atlantic Jumbo Jet from London touched down at the Windsor, Connecticut airfield after being diverted from New Jersey due to bad weather.

Msnbc.com reports:

“Storms diverted the London-to-Newark, N.J., flight. Passengers sat on the tarmac in Connecticut for four hours beginning around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday into early Wednesday in rising heat and darkness. Travelers said they were offered water but no food; some fainted…

Now with everyone involved looking for answers, it seems the Airline and U.S. Customs officials are trading barbs in the blame game that left knackered Londoners stuck at Bradley.

“U.S. Customs and Border Protection did not receive a call from the pilot, and no one from the agency refused a request to allow passengers off the plane, said Theodore Woo, an agency spokesman in Boston.

Customs officers headed for the airport ‘as soon as we got the call at 11 p.m.,’ Woo said. At that point, customs had enough officers to ‘escort passengers to a safe area,’ he said.”

The row has our own Guv’na M. Jodi Rell stomping her feet looking for answers! WTNH  (which I’ve admittedly been watching in hopes that they throw one of their own under the media bus and give us some more news on Desiree Fontaine) reports:

“Rell says she wants a formal investigation completed–fast.

‘I’d like to have it by next week in complete detail on exactly what happened,’ she said…”

Again, being a well-traveled Guru, and having foot-tapped airport bathroom patrons across the globe, I know how the airline industry loves to save a dime (or Pound in this case). So I’m not going to be surprised if, in the end, Virgin Atlantic ends up looking like a Dirty Girl! But I’m sure that evil marketing genius, Richard Branson, will be here in no time to jump off the Traveler’s Tower and distract us from this mess.

But really folks, in my travels thus far I’ve departed from, arrived at and flown through Newark-Liberty airport. So it is with a warm and welcoming heart that I say to the worn and furious 300 or so passengers of that blessed Virgin Atlantic flight, on behalf of Connecticut, “You’re welcome!

Don’t get me wrong, I have sympathy for their plight, but I mean darlings, which one of you wouldn’t gladly spend 3 hours in a hot, cramped, tin can and another 4 hours in Customs simply to avoid the risk of running into these douchebags?