Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting

If you’re not one of our Facebook fans you may not know that my favorite summer haunt is Captain’s Cove in Bridgeport. There are so many things to love about this place: it’s on the water, it’s got a dock lined with tiny houses filled with crap you can buy,  and the fact that it’s half yacht club, half biker bar. So, when I learned that we’d be watching the World Cup Finals there instead of at Black Bear in Norwalk I was pretty stoked.

And then… Shortly after half-time the TV I was watching went out. When I got up to go watch it at the bar, on two ridiculously small TVs, they went out and the whole bar groaned. I encouraged the fella standing next to me to break his bottle and stab someone because that’s what they would do if we were in Europe and the TV went out during the World Cup. Most of my party up and left, but I had a tab to close out and a full beer so I hung around awhile longer. The tiny television came back on and thanks to soccer being slow and tactical nothing had really happened.

But this is all really an excuse to show you a Kung-Fu kick to the chest…and prove, once and for all, that Ring Nation is wrong about soccer.