He Said/She Said: Sonic

We saw an article on The Courant’s website (from CTNow.com) about why we should be excited and grateful for Sonic. Yes, Sonic … the burger joint. Because the Anti-Couric happened to have visited the Sandy Hook Farmer’s Market recently and was in food-nut mode again, watching Food, Inc. –and some really ridiculous thing called Beautiful Truth–she got all up in arms about it. So, here is our take on Sonic.

He Said

It’s about darn time! For those of us who enjoy eating food that’s not good for you, this is a great day. As someone who take great pleasure eating garbage and has been to Sonics in Oklahoma and Tennessee before, I’ve got a bit of experience on the subject.

What makes Sonic so great? For one, you can get breakfast all day. Feel like an egg burrito at 4 p.m.? Go to Sonic and grab one! How about a Cherry Limeade? Boom! Sonic has that sort of drink and hundreds of others. Maybe you’re in the mood for ice cream? Sonic has enough flavors to make Friendly’s head spin.

Under no circumstance would I advocate eating at Sonic for your three meals a day. As was stated earlier, the food isn’t all that good for you. The burgers are not the most amazing things in the world and the hot dogs won’t knock your UConn-logo socks off but compared to other fast food joints they hold their own. (Although it’s worth noting that the other chains don’t serve hot dogs…there might be a reason for that.)

Connecticut has been swept up in chain restaurant madness before. When Krispy Kreme opened up on the Berlin Turnpike, the cops were needed to direct traffic due to the overwhelming response by people hungry for hot donuts. But the demand soon faded and the building that used to churn out dozens of glazed goodness is now a bank. I have a feeling Sonic will thrive due to it’s menu variety and ice cream awesomeness. Just remember: after gorging on early evening tater tots, try to walk it off CT. That stuff is bad for you.

She Said

I get the novelty… I do. All these years we’ve been forced to eat McDonald’s and Taco Bell and now we have *gasp* a Sonic. I like having my food served to me by a girl on roller skates as much as anyone but I still won’t be rushing out to stuff my face with burgers from Sonic anytime soon–even if they do serve my favorite meal all day.

Here’s the thing, I don’t like food that makes me sick and the last time I ate a burger from a fast food joint (it was a couple years ago after a Bob Dylan concert, so you do the math) I woke up in the middle of the night with cramps so bad I thought the world was ending. (Thanks MSG!) I’m just not used to that kind of crap anymore, and the summer is when I get especially “pure” because just about the only things I eat that dn’t come from my garden are dairy products and bread…oh and Kashi Autumn Harvest.

It’s not just that my stomach can no longer handle fast “food” but neither can my conscience.

Cheap meat = factory farmed meat. Seriously, if you’re somehow still in the dark about the way the vast majority of meat and poultry is raised in this country you should probably be forced into a Vegan lifestyle as punishment for being so damn stupid.

So, despite CTNow’s giant advertorial about the many virtues of Sonic–which did, apparently, bring 130 jobs to Wallingford–I won’t be purchasing any of the 168,894 drink combinations. Besides, I’ve got to do my part to help keep CT among the least obese states in the nation, and if we start embracing the ridiculous number of fast food joints that litter the rest of the country we just don’t stand a chance.

If you won’t listen to me, maybe you’ll listen to Michael Pollan…or Oprah.




  1. FYI – the Krispy Kreme location in Newington didn’t close due to lack of patronage. It closed because Krispy Kreme, the corporation, expanded too much too quickly and supported this expansion through fraudulent accounting that misled investors. I only know this because, as an accountant, this was the most exciting thing to happen in our industry since Enron. The more you know!


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