An Open Letter to Disc-Golfers

Dear Disc-Golfers:

I like your moxy, but I’m not sure you’ve completely thought through your plan to put in a course at Bridgeport’s Veterans Park.

“They started a disc golf club about a year ago that boasts 25 members and now they’re proposing to install an 18-hole course at Veterans’ Memorial Park.

The proposal awaits approval from the Board of Park Commissioners.

John DeRosa, who directs a Bridgeport-focused development company, appeared for the second time before the board earlier this month, along with Adam Goodman, a professional disc golf player who lives in Fairfield.

They said the course — built by volunteers and contributions from local businesses — would help revitalize the park and wouldn’t cost the city a penny.”

I can’t imagine what possible reason the city could come up with for turning this proposal down. If they let those “Gathering of the Vibes” people in, your relatively small group shouldn’t be a problem. You, however, may want to think a little harder on the subject.

Hear me out: I’ve dated one of your kind. I know how seriously you take this quirky little sport. And frankly, I get it. Frisbee is fun and so is walking around in the woods. Add to that a few beers and you’ve got a pretty awesome little hobby. But when you start throwing goat heads and Santeria enthusiasts into the mix, things get ugly.

I know some people might warn you off Bridgeport because of the more conventional crime activity, but frankly, I’ve thrown myself into some pretty strange situations in the Park City and have yet to be stabbed or car-jacked. And since I’m not a drug-dealer and my car isn’t worth much in a chop shop, I don’t worry about it. But I’m pretty certain that if you spend enough time walking around in Bridgeport’s parks you are inevitably going to find a headless chicken, and maybe even a human skull. It’s just the laws of probability at work.

That being said, if you decide to tempt fate and dance with the voo doo priestesses, we’d love to come to the official opening because we here at The CuT love us some Bridgeport–and hot, woodsy guys!





  1. I’m excited about the prospect of disc-golf in Bridgeport. I think some of the Vibes’ attendees may stay all year. I do heed your warning about voodoo-child stuff. It’s Bridgeport after all. Maybe they can incorporate it into the course. Then everybody wins.


  2. Don’t call disc-golf, “Frisbee.” It’s probably the number one cardinal rule when referring to the sport and is deeply frowned upon. You discredit yourself by doing so.


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