Tapas on Ann (not to be confused with tap ass)

Tapas in the Beat

With the friggin unbearable heat the past few weeks, even eating seemed painful. Twice in one week I found myself looking at Tapas on Ann as the best dinner option since the idea of eating a hot meal, no matter how air conditioned the venue, made me want to puke on the spot. Obviously cooking was out of the question.

The Boyfriend and I met up with a lovely Irish couple on a Saturday evening when it was still about 95 degrees at 7:30 p.m. Our waiter, Larry, was a very friendly and fun gent without being an intrusive pain. Although, he did give us just a little bit of shit for not remembering his name when he came around later–our bad.

We went through a couple of pitchers of red sangria which was delicious–just sweet enough but not the fruit punch many restaurants try to get away with serving. The Greek salad we split as an app was yummy also–Tapas’ dressing is so good that they bottle and sell it in their restaurants, as well they should. My chicken gyro hit the spot and I am in love with their Tzatziki sauce. I was also told that the gazpacho was quite good, as was the Souvlaki and the beef gyro. Although, those who had the Madd Greek sauce were not that crazy about it–it was really like ketchup. Our party stayed for quite a bit of time after our dinners were done, but no one ever tried to rush us out or made us feel like we should move along.

The next Wednesday, I met a friend for Happy Hour and we also had Larry as our server and while the service was not the fastest, it was certainly friendly. We once again had the tasty sangria and this time I went for the spanikopita which was the largest piece I think I’ve ever seen–and it was fantastic. I appreciate consistency.

So, two and a half salt shakers because good food in hot weather is sometimes hard to come by.