Don’t Do (These) Drugs, Kids

I’ve always thought PCP stood for “Probably Crappy Planning” and that’s mostly because I have never heard a story that began with “So, I was high on PCP…” end well.  Which is what seemed to be the case this past Sunday with poor, misguided David Julian of West Hartford. WFSB reports:

A nude man running around Bishops Corner in West Hartford was subdued by officers with a stun gun…

I mean, really? How is it possible this guy hasn’t heard a dozen stories about PCP that ended, “He was running down the highway naked and then jumped off a bridge cause he thought he could fly”?  I fully blame this on the failure of Connecticut’s D.A.R.E. Officers.

Well darlings, the Gay Guru has some advice: To build on the centuries old “Always wear clean underwear.” Always make sure your manscaping is in check.  If you’re going to get high on PCP and run around in public with your dingle flopping about…at least spare us the unruly bush!