When I was in Alabama last spring I was mildly amused by the billboards beseeching people to call the police about any meth-related activity. The PrissyBitch and I even went to so far as to ask a cop in a bar about them, and he told us all about what a huge problem it was. And since the cooking of meth often results in dangerous explosions, we have counted our lucky stars that in CT our drug-addicts stick to prescription drugs, heroin, and coke/crack. So you can imagine how nervous we got when we saw this:

Troopers Find ‘Meth’ During Commercial Truck Inspection

During a further search of the truck, troopers seized ingredients used to make methamphetamine and prepared methamphetamine in a container.

“Due to the volatile nature of the chemicals used to create ‘Meth,’ these chemicals were secured by Troopers and the State Police Emergency Services Bomb Squad Troopers responded to secure and transport safely the chemicals that were seized from the truck,” state police said in a press release.

Panic almost ensued…then we read the last paragraph and realized the trucker was from Tennessee. Phew! If there is one thing we cannot abide, it’s cheap drugs made out of cold medicine that make their victims ugly…like, really ugly.