All About: Ansonia

Population: 18,403 County: New Haven

Size: 5 sq. miles (Can that possibly be right?)

History: The Native Americans who lived in this town were called the Paugasucks…Yes, sucks. We can only imagine this caused so end of taunting from Mohawks, Mohegans, and even Pequots. In 1654 Edward Wooster became the area’s first white settler, and is therefore responsible for bringing Ansonia to us…all 5 square miles of it.

Though, in the beginning, it was a “plantation,” was called Derby, and included modern-day Seymour, Derby, Oxford, Beacon Falls, and Ansonia. Ansonia didn’t come into its own until Derby decided to build an industrial center to try and revive its economy, which got a real boost during the Civil war (lucky them). In 1893 it finally became a city, and if you want to hear about that in mind-numbing detail read this PDF.

Something Weird: The first town center was called “Squabble Hole.” ‘Nuff said.