It’s the Hydrophobe!

Being attacked by a rabid raccoon is one thing…but having the hutzpah to choke the frigging thing to death with your bare (bleeding) hands is another. And that’s exactly what Irmlind Stromkowski of Prospect did. Then her husband showed up with a hammer and that’s when things got downright creepy:

‘What disturbs me is I smashed his mouth off, I smashed his teeth in, he still wanted to continue in the attack mode,’ said Charlie Stromkowski. ‘I was actually terrified at the resilience of this animal.’

Holy Christ. Psycho much?

But apparently this wasn’t the only raccoon to attack in Prospect recently. Another masked bandit attacked a dog. That poor dog got Old Yeller’d because it didn’t have its rabies shots. So, folks, if you take anything from this story — besides the idea that you should arm yourself with raccoon killing tools — it should be that getting your pets vaccinated is important.

If you think you’re too poor to take care of the pets you have made an implicit promise to, then try giving the Fox Memorial Clinic at the Humane Society a call, or check out your local PetSmart. Both have low cost vaccination options…and by keeping your pets up to date on their shots, you can help stop the spread of the dreaded hydrophobia.