Wandering Aimlessly in the Woods

The maps on the trails were far more confusing, with large sections that seemed to be whited-out.

On Sunday, my friend Patrick and I had plans to go for a jaunt in Wolfe Park in Monroe. But then I saw one of Peter Marteka’s trail stories in The Courant and decided to send it on over to Patrick because this particular story was about Webb Mountain Park in Monroe. The mention of a Housatonic overlook made us change our plans… Not the best idea we’ve ever had.

I should have known better than to trust an article with the words “Hustle-Bustle” in it, especially since there is nothing hustling or bustling about this particular part of Fairfield County. Monroe’s only busy road is lined by things like farm stands, the Rural Gas Company, and more plant nurseries than you can shake a stick at. Finding our way out to the park proved to be relatively tricky, but navigating the park itself was even worse.

Unfortunately, we didn’t bring Marteka’s article with us, because after looking at it again this morning I realize that it is far more helpful than the trail maps at the park. There are two parking-lots, but neither are marked in anyway, and we didn’t even see anything that resembled maps at the entrances so we ended up just pulling over and parking in what–from the article’s description–we now know the be the place where the red trail crosses the road. But we headed into the woods — where some folks were camping — and eventually found a sign. But since there are no “You Are Here” symbols we were kind of winging it.

After back-tracking once or twice thanks to the confusing signage we thought we were finally on our way…and then met a dead end. At this point I’m not even sure we were on the red trail, but when we ended up back on the fire road we randomly ran into the red blazes again. We started following them but it seemed to just loop back down to the road. Since the map didn’t show any loops, and claimed the red trail led to the overlook we didn’t know what to do.

By this point, we were sweating profusely and had been wandering for hours…and had somehow ended up back at the car. So we gave up…

I guess we should have hooked up with the purple trail at some point to reach the overlook, but the map did not make that clear in anyway so how were we to know?